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All, Obama

Obama, O how you have changed.

In 2008 I was very fed up with George W Bush. I was looking for a president who thought some of the things he was doing were wrong. Things like sending us to war without congress approval, giving tax cuts to the wealthy, or making a habit of presidential signing statements. If you do not know what those are don’t worry Obama himself will explain it to you in the YouTube link.

I bring this up because Obama recently signed the NDAA for 2012, the National Defense Authorization Act. Inside the act it gave the army the right to detain anyone who is considered a terrorist without Habeas Corpus, your right to not be detained unless you are charged with a crime. As of now if the US government thinks you are a terrorist, support terrorist, or have terrorist connections they can hold you without trial until the end of the war on terror. At this rate that could be for a very long time, with misapplication of terrorist charges like the example below we are all one bad joke away from possibly being indefinitely detained.

Fedex driver charged with felony terrorism for making a bomb joke

To ease your mind Obama upon signing it, said that his administration would not use this against US citizens. Although the bill itself does not make that distinction.

Again there is nothing in the constitution that gives the president the right to alter a bill by saying something as he signs it. It simply gives the president 3 choices, sign it, don’t sign it, or wait 14 days and then it becomes law without a signature.

This is the second time Obama used a signing statement, a power he once said the president did not have and a tactic he would not exercise. More so all presidents when sworn in swear to uphold the constitution something he did not do by signing the NDAA. Personally I find no issue with the old way of doing things. Someone is thought to be guilty of something, you charge them, they go to trial, and a jury decides their fate. If we want to beat terrorists we have to be better than them. Giving up our personal rights is a giant step in the wrong direction.


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